sea salt

Aquaforest products are manufactured in the EU under strict laboratory supervision to meet the highest quality standards. Each product is prepared from carefully selected raw components in quantities proven to yield consistent compositi on. How is our Marine Salt product range tested? We mix our Marine Salt in 1 metric tonne (2204lb) batches, and 3 separate samples per batch are collected during the production stage for testi ng. Each of these samples is dissolved in 15 litres (4US gal) of RO water. Our experienced team of professionals perform ICP-OES analysis to verify that the chemical compositi on is within consistent range, and to rule out the presence of unwanted contaminants at the same ti me. Note: Even though our salt is thoroughly mixed, not every bucket/box will be identi cal. The parameters can vary slightly between containers and around a 2-3% variation is acceptable. This fl uctuati on is a result of both physical properties of the mix and the limitati ons of the processing techniques available. These variations are still smaller than the typical margin for error for popular hobbyist test kits. Les paramètres d’un sel sont présentés ci-dessous: 24°C / 75.2°F Mg – 1200-1300 mg/l Ca – 360-400 mg/l K – 300-350 mg/l dKH – 8,0-9,0 pH – 8,0-8,2
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