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Picture of medicine Cupramine 100ML

medicine Cupramine 100ML

treatment amyloodinium and ich fresh and marine
5.000 د.ك.‏
Picture of disease white spot

disease white spot

توفر الشركة علاج مرض نقط البيض للمياه المالح والنهري لايصلح استخدام هذا العلاج مع مرجان كل ملعقه صغيره حق 75 لتر ترفع حرارة الماء الى 28 سيليزي
2.000 د.ك.‏
Picture of AF Protect Dip

AF Protect Dip

AF Protect Dip is a new coral dip from Aquaforest that like other products, helps disinfect, clean and treat your corals when adding new corals, fragging or treating health issues. As a prophylactic dip, it will clean the surface of the coral and reduce the risk of diseases like STN or RTN, bleaching, mycosis, or Brown Jelly Syndrome. They also note its intended to reduce the risk of acropora eating flatworms as well. A dip like this is a key part of any regimen, and always helps to dip new corals and frags before putting them in quarantine and then transferring to the main display. It can also help prevent issues after transporting corals. To use AF Protect Dip, dissolve 2.5 ml in 5 liters of saltwater or water taken directly from the tank. Just dunk the corals in and rinse with a turkey baster or other tool for about 5 minutes. Then just rinse in clean saltwater before transferring back to the tank.
10.000 د.ك.‏ 6.000 د.ك.‏
Picture of Medicine cloudy eyes fish
Picture of red streaks disease fish
Picture of Medicine Cupramine 250ML

Medicine Cupramine 250ML

treatment amyloodinium and ich fresh and marine
8.000 د.ك.‏