Sandy Baby Powder 10 Kg

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  • made in turkey
  • Sandy Powder Scented Extra Clumping Sodium Bentonite Cat Litter 10 kg
    Gray Cat Litter. Sany is produced from 100% natural Sodium Bentonite. Unlike other Bentonite-derived litters, Sodium Bentonite clumps naturally without being activated by soda, providing a healthier environment for your cat. The ultra-fine granules create a soft base for your cat's paws and form strong lumps, ensuring the most effective removal of lumps and a clean litter. Sandy is so dust-free that it provides cleaner ventilation in the container and prevents respiratory diseases. Cats can smell 12 times better than humans, so Sandy is lightly perfumed with the scent of baby powder. Apart from emitting a pleasant smell for humans, it is cat-friendly thanks to its natural ingredients
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