Freshwater Fish Food

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Picture of Food Sera Shrimps Natural 100 ml

Food Sera Shrimps Natural 100 ml

وضعت خصيصا لمتطلبات الروبيان و هو الغذاء الرئيسي الذي يتكون من حبيبات مصنوعة بعناية لجميع الروبيان في المياه العذبة والبحرية التركيبة المتوازنة مع المكونات الطبيعية وتوفر كل ما يحتاجه الروبيان من أجل نمو صحي وسقوط آمن للجلد. يتم تعزيز الخصوبة والتلوين الرائع ومقاومة الامراض و تظل الحبيبات الصغيرة الغارقة مستقرة لفترة طويلة جدًا بحيث يمكن للروبيان وفقًا لعادات التغذية الطبيعية الخاصة به.
1.500 د.ك.‏
Picture of Food Discus Bits 1000ml

Food Discus Bits 1000ml

Discus Bits Fish Food is the naturistic blend of carefully chosen raw material with the high nutritional profile developed which evolve the Fish Color This natural pigment enhances colour of your fishes along with natural growth. Feeding Instructions Daily feed 2-4 times. The Discus Bits Fish Food given each time ought to be consumed in five minutes. INGREDIENTS: Raw Materials & Ingredients: Fish Meal, Krill Meal, Calcium Soye lecithin, Soybeen meal, Astaxanthine, Purine, Dried Yeast, Wheat Flour, Wheat grem meal, Omega-3 fatty acid, Vitamin A, C, D & E.
2.500 د.ك.‏
Picture of FOOD SUPER GOLD 250 ML


krill shrimp ,spirulina , natural and artificial color contained in this food will enhance the natural colorof your fish. you will be able to see the colors getting brighter and stronger after2-4 weeks . the special processing of this food will preserve the vitamin B,C and the digestive enzyme.
1.000 د.ك.‏
Picture of Food Sera Pond Mix Royal 1000ML

Food Sera Pond Mix Royal 1000ML

sera Pond Mix Royal Nature is the staple food consisting of carefully processed flakes, granules and whole gammarus for feeding in ponds with various fish throughout the year. Of course free from dyes and preservatives. The balanced blend contains everything pond fish of different species and sizes need for a healthy development and strong disease resistance. The small ones eat the flakes, whereas the larger ones can choose from three savory granules. The floating food keeps its shape for a long time and does not pollute the water.
2.000 د.ك.‏
Picture of Food Sera Pond Flakes 1000ML

Food Sera Pond Flakes 1000ML

Sera Pond Flakes is the main food made from gently produced flakes for all smaller pond fish such as goldfish as well as for young fish. The balanced recipe with plenty of vitamins, minerals and a balanced carbohydrate-protein ratio meets the natural requirements of fish. The added vitamins and natural minerals promote the vitality and resilience of the garden pond fish. This will keep you healthy and active. The easily digestible feed promotes healthy growth, activity and the immune system of the fish and is suitable for year-round feeding. Since the dimensionally stable flakes float for a long time, they are completely eaten and do not pollute the water. Feeding recommendation: Feed Sera Pond Flakes aletrnately with Sera Granulat several times a day in small portions, only as much as the fish can eat in a few minutes. When the water temperature is below 10 degrees, feed sparingly and watch whether the food is eaten.
1.500 د.ك.‏
Picture of Food Pond Granulat 1000ML

Food Pond Granulat 1000ML

ranulated food for pond fish sera pond granulat is the ideal floating granulated food in ponds with various fish, especially for bigger ones. The balanced composition fulfills the requirements of many species. Gentle processing makes sure the valuable ingredients (e.g. omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals) are retained. The special compositions allows feeding throughout the year.
1.500 د.ك.‏